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Citebeur.com: Le Gang 2

Citebeur.com: Le Gang 2

Written and illustrated by Zgeg. D 2013, English Text, 88 pp., colour, hardbound, € 19.95
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Bruno Gmünder
Kader is originally from Algeria but lives in Paris. He likes porn movies, football, and often fucks his buddies because he's not very successful at getting girls. Now he's looking for a party to celebrate his birthday. He steals a red porsche and invites his friends Tarek from Morocco and Abdel from Tunisia to join at him at Eddy's place. Eddy is a rich black stud who made it in porn business. He's really huge, an ex-military turned drug dealer turned porn actor - built like a tank. His endowment is so big even the most adventurous porn stars can't take it in completely. The four lads get ready to enjoy the night. But nothing is going to occur as initially planned. This new sexy porn comic series is derived from the films of the French Citebeur.com porn label.
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