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Bruce Duffy: Disaster Was My God

Bruce Duffy: Disaster Was My God

The Scandalous Outlaw Life of Arthur Rimbaud. UK 2011, 361 pp., brochure, € 14.95
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In the space of one year, 1871, with a handful of startling poems, Arthur Rimbaud transformed himself from a teenage bumpkin into the literary sensation of Paris. He was taken in, then taken up, by the older, married poet Paul Verlaine in a passionate affair. When Rimbaud sought to end it, Verlaine, in a jealous rage, shot him. Shortly thereafter, just shy of his 20th birthday, Rimbaud declared himself finished with literature. In time, Rimbaud became a prosperous trader and arms dealer in Ethiopia. But a cancerous leg forced him to return to France, to the family farm, with his sister and loving but overbearing mother. He died aged 37. The book conveys the life and inner turmoil of this calculating genius of outrage, whose work and spirit did much to anticipate the 20th-century's culture of rebellion.
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