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Joy Landin: Through the Door of Life

Joy Landin: Through the Door of Life

A Jewish Journey Between Genders. USA 2012, 255 pp., hardbound,  24.95
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University of Wisconsin Press - Living Out
Professor Jay Ladin made headlines around the world when, after years of teaching literature at Yeshiva University, he returned after a year of »involuntary research leave« to the orthodox Jewish campus as a woman - Joy Ladin. In this book, Joy Ladin takes readers inside her transition as she changed genders and, in the process, created a new self. With unsparing honesty and surprising humor, Ladin wrestles with both the practical problems of gender transition and its larger moral, spiritual, and philosophical questions. Ladin recounts her struggle to reconcile the pain she experienced living as the »wrong« gender with the pain of her children in losing the father they love. We eavesdrop on her lifelong conversations with the god whom she sees both as a source of her agony and as her hope for transcending it.