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Tom Daley: My Story

Tom Daley: My Story

UK 2012, 288 pp. with numerous colour photographs, hardbound,  22.95
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Penguin UK
British young homoerotic heartthrob, world-class athlete and London Olympics 2012 bronze medalist Tom Daley tells his heartbreaking story coping with the death of his father whilst under the glare of the world's media spotlight. In his first official memoir the 18-year-old diver with a penchant for the shortest speedoes ever seen in regular sports offers unprecedented access to the pressures, challenges and fascinating experiences of an Olympian athlete. From his day-to-day schedule, his hobbies and family life, to sharing his hopes and dreams in the build-up to the London Olympics, this book offers a unique chance to get close to Tom. Packed with numerous photos - many never-before seen - this is an inspiring account of one young man's setbacks and triumphs.
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