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Radclyffe: Sheltering Dunes

Radclyffe: Sheltering Dunes

USA 2011, 257 pp., brochure,  16.95
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Bold Strokes
The lives of two women and the community that shelters them shatter in a single night of violence. Ex-gang member Mica Butler is running from a past that just may kill her if she's ever caught. Paramedic and ordained priest Flynn Edwards struggles to recover her faith in herself and find absolution for her greatest failure. Sheriff Reese Conlon fights to embrace the joy of new life while a dark threat bears down on her partner, Doctor Tory King. In one explosive night, the destinies of all involved change forever as a man with nothing to lose threatens to take anyone in his path with him to the grave. This is the 7th installment of Radclyffe's »Provincetown Tales«. The author has already published over 35 novels and is an eight-time Lambda Literary Award finalist.