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Neel Mukherjee: A Life Apart

Neel Mukherjee: A Life Apart

UK 2011, 402 pp., brochure,  17.95
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Ritwik Ghosh, 22 and recently orphaned, finds the chance to start a new life when he arrives in England from Calcutta. But to do so, he must revisit his past and make sense of his relationship with his mother - scarred, abusive and all-consuming. When Oxford brings little of the salvation Ritwik is looking for, he moves to London, disappearing into a shadowy hinterland of illegal immigrants. However, the story that Ritwik writes to stave off his loneliness - that of a Miss Gilby who teaches English, music and Western manners to the wife of a liberal zamindar - begins to find ghostly echoes in his own life with his aged landlady, Anne Cameron. But then, one night, in the badlands of King's Cross, Ritwik runs into the suave, unfathomable Zafar. As the present and past of several lives collide, Ritwik's own goes into freefall.
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