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Ann McMan: Sidecar

Ann McMan: Sidecar

Stories. USA 2012, 213 pp., brochure,  13.99
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Bedazzled Ink
Reconnect with Syd, Maddie, and the Jericho gang in »V1: A Valentine's Day Odyssey«, as a sweet and simple gesture of love ignites a conflagration that could destroy friends, lovers, and a professional-grade mixer named Gloria. Meet Kate Winston, Shawn Harris, and the best, brightest, and most uniquely »gifted« personalities in contemporary lesbian fiction, in the all-new novella, »Bottle Rocket«. Grace and Abbie screw up the courage to let themselves go for one magical night - only to find that the Fates are cheeky little bitches with a wicked sense of humor in »Falling from Grace«. Take flight with Poe's celebrated raven in »Nevermore!« as two improbable coworkers, Diz and Clarissa, find friendship and maybe a bit more in a comic holiday romp set to the dulcet tones of Enya.