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Patrick Fillion: Camili-Cat 2

Patrick Fillion: Camili-Cat 2

USA 2005, 28 pp., brochure,  8.95
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Class Comics - Camili-Cat 2
Patrick Fillion has been writing and illustrating the incredibly sexy Camili-Cat since he was 12. Granted, Cam has changed a great deal over the years, becoming progressively more »adult« in nature. A purr-fect mix of hot party boy and sexy feline alien, Cam is in many ways the ultimate sexual fantasy. Always ready to please, and MORE than able to, Cam’s dick is constantly landing him into out of this world situations. Cam’s homeworld was destroyed when he was just a child. For the longest time he roamed the galaxy in the hopes of finding other survivors of his species. Cam and his lover Lanor discover that their quest to find other Felinoids is not without peril, and soon it is up to Cam to save the day in Camili-Cat: Felinoids 2. Cam and Lanor journey to an ancient city on the bizarre world of Pillahr, there to be reunited with several dozen surviving Felinoids. Upon their arrival at the city however, Cam and Lanor discover that the city has been taken and their Felinoid brothers enslaved by a band of intergalactic pirates.
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