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Dale Carpenter: Flagrant Conduct

Dale Carpenter: Flagrant Conduct

How a Bedroom Arrest Decriminalized Gay Americans. USA 2012, 347 pp. with numerous b/w photographs, hardbound,  29.95
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W. W. Norton
No one could have predicted that the night of September 17, 1998, would be anything but routine in Houston, Texas. Nobody could have imagined that the arrest of two men for a minor criminal offense would reverberate in American constitutional law, exposing a deep malignity in the judicial system and challenging the traditional conception of what makes a family. »Lawrence vs. Texas« lanced a Supreme Court decision in 2003 that invalidated America's sodomy laws. The author introduces the interracial defendants themselves, who were hardly prepared for the »strike of lightning« that would upend their lives. The author navigates Houston's complex gay world of the late 1990s, where a group of activists and court officers, some of them closeted themselves, refused to bury what initially seemed to be a minor arrest.
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