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Manju Kapur: A Married Woman

Manju Kapur: A Married Woman

UK 2011, 310 pp., brochure,  14.95
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Faber and Faber
Astha has everything an educated, middle-class woman could ask for: comfortable surroundings, children and a dutiful, loving husband. So why should she be consumed by a sense of unease and dissatisfaction? And when she begins a relationship with another woman, is she liberating herself from her marriage, past and culture - or foolishly jeopardising everything she has? Her husband genuinely cares and wants to be sexy and progressive but is in fact the uneasy result of a traditional upbringing mixed with Western education. The novel is about fear of breaking social convention by leaving one's husband and a family for the love of another woman. It also gives a good description of India today, and the everyday life of Indian women. The special touch of female love fills the novel with feelings and senses that can be transfered to any society on this world.
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