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Jonathan Kemp: 26

Jonathan Kemp: 26

Uk 2011, 134 pp., brochure,  17.95
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»26« is an explicit and startling meditation on sex and language. An unnamed narrator travels to cruising grounds and sex clubs, pushing the boundaries of desire and the body in a relentless pursuit of pleasure. From the author of »London Triptych«, this prose takes us to places language rarely goes. In each chapter, titled after a letter of the alphabet, the author details his characters' encounters with luminous intensity, while at the same time facing the impossibility of capturing the moments he describes. In the tradition of Georges Bataille, Kathy Acker and Jean Genet, »26« tries to be a new erotic classic that readers of »London Triptych« will surely find enticing. Kemp beautifully counterpoises explicit description with a searing interrogation of the extreme measures taken in the quest for sexual fulfillment.
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