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Andrew Hansford: Dressing Marilyn

Andrew Hansford: Dressing Marilyn

How a Hollywood Icon was Styled by William Travilla. USA 2012, 192 pp. illustrated, hardbound,  27.95
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Hal Leonard
In the history of Hollywood, has any image ever titillated the public's imagination as much as the iconic one of Marilyn Monroe in »The Seven Year Itch«, her white dress blowing up to reveal, well, pretty much everything? That moment remains indelible to movie fans and glamour addicts, William Travilla, one of Hollywood's most sought-after costume designers, created not only that iconic frock but also the gorgeous pink dress in which Marilyn sang »Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend« in »Gentlemen Prefer Blondes«, not to mention a gold lamé number for the same picture that was deemed too sexy for the screen. But what of the man who made the dresses? Travilla's life was turned upside down after meeting the Monroe. He became her exclusive designer for many years, as well as her friend. She depended on him. And he helped make her the most memorable sex symbol.
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