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Richard Stevenson: Red White Black and Blue (XII)

Richard Stevenson: Red White Black and Blue (XII)

A Donald Strachey Mystery. Vol.12. USA 2011, 225 pp., brochure,  14.95
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MLR Press - Donald Strachey 12
In an election year, private investigator Donald Strachey finds himself in the unlikely role of a political operative. Rumors about the Tea Party's opportunistic gubernatorial candidate, Kenyon Louderbush, paint him as an unfaithful, callous exploiter of young men ... young men that he puts into the hospital ... or perhaps the morgue. Don smells truth in those rumors. But, he's confounded by a shadowy conspiracy, witnesses' fear and a grieving family appallingly willing to give up on justice for a brutalized son and brother. In the 12th installation of the Donald Strachey mystery series, author Stevenson takes witty aim at the polarization, dissembling and double-dealing of American politics. It's a story that leaves his hero, Don Strachey, tarnished and bruised.
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