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Jamie James: Rimbaud in Java

Jamie James: Rimbaud in Java

USA 2011, 128 pp. with numerous colour illustrations, brochure,  24.95
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Editions Didier Miller
In »A Season in Hell«, at the age of 18, the French poet Arthur Rimbaud predicted the rest of his life: »My day is done. I'm leaving Europe. The sea air will burn my lungs. Lost climes will tan my skin.« 3 years later, in 1876, he joined the Royal Army of the Dutch Indies as an infantryman and sailed for Java, where he promptly deserted and fled into the jungle. It was the most enigmatic passage in a life crowded with puzzles and contrarieties. In »Rimbaud in Java« - the first book devoted to Rimbaud's lost voyage to Asia - novelist and critic James reviews everything that is known about the episode. From there, he imaginatively spirals into a reconstruction of what the poet must have seen and informed speculation about what he might have done, recreating life in 19th-century Java along the way.
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