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Andrew Hodges: Alan Turing - The Enigma

Andrew Hodges: Alan Turing - The Enigma

The Book That Inspired the Film »The Imitation Game« USA 2014, 768 pp., pb.,  12.95
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The Biography of the brilliant Cambridge mathematician who masterminded the cracking of ghe German Enigma code and indeed was the father of the modern computer. Sentenced for gay activities he committed suicide. This book is a first-rate presentation of the life of a first-rate scientific mind. Andrew Hodges was uniquely qualified to write a biography of Alan Turing on at least three counts. First, he is a professor at Wadham College, Oxford, working in the mathematics of theoretical physics. Second, he is a gay man who has been working for gay rights since the early 1970s. Third, he is a diligent researcher and an excellent writer. His book is in-depth without ever having its pace flag, presents its mathematical perspective in a way that is comprehensible to non-mathematicians, details Turing’s involvement in World War II codebreaking with the drama it deserves, and presents Turing’s life and death (including, but not limited to, his being gay) with great humanity.
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