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Shane Allison (ed.): Brief Encounters

Shane Allison (ed.): Brief Encounters

69 Hot Gay Shorts. USA 2011, 354 pp., brochure, € 14.49
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According to the editor, »the best sex is sex that happens in an instant, when we least expect it«. In »Brief Encounters«, Allison has curated a deliciously dirty set of tales that are thrilling, intriguing and always surprising. Among the scenarios in »Brief Encounters«: two strangers act out their own scene when the theater lights go out in Logan Zachary's »Back Row«. A student's quest for an A includes seducing his studly professor in Rob Rosen's »Hot for Teacher«. Gay erotica veteran M. Christian wastes no time in getting to the good parts in the raw and raunchy blow-by-blow tale »Safe Sex«. This big, bold book of gay quickies is guaranteed to satisfy on every level - even if the stories are short in length - they sure are long on pleasure.
Schwul > Erotica
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