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Tony Peake: Derek Jarman

Tony Peake: Derek Jarman

USA 2011, 615 pp. with b/w + color photographs, brochure,  21.99
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University of Minnesota Press
In 1986, at the height of his career, Derek Jarman was rigorously denounced by right-wing censor Mary Whitehead for promoting homosexuality and violence after his earlier films, »Sebastiane« and »Jubilee«, were shown on Channel 4. The attacks were emblematic of the fire the filmmaker drew as a radical artist and sexual provocateur from the beginning of his career in the late 1960s to his death from AIDS in 1994. This intelligent, graceful critical biography traces Jarman's colorful life and art in detail. Born to middle-class parents, Jarman spent his youth abroad and in boarding schools, where he became aware, at a young age, of his gay sexuality and his artistic talents. Peake, who was Jarman's literary agent, deftly weaves together his subject's many artistic facets (Jarman was a director, designer, painter, sculptor and writer) with the intricacies of his public and private lives.
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