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Zack: Bike Boy Rides Again!

Zack: Bike Boy Rides Again!

D 2012, engl. Text, 96 S., Farbe, Broschur,  18.45
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Bruno Gmünder - Bike Boy 3
In the best-selling series of »Bike Boy« there are these five new graphic stories packed with enough hot sexy action to wear out both hands. Zack is on the road again - it's kind of a second spring for him. In the 70s his lustful and imaginative work was published in a couple of gay magazines. And when the first book was out - extensively re-colored - it was a big success throughout. And now again Zack is not afraid to let all his fantasies get to the paper - no matter how explicit they are. No wonder that this new installation of »Bike Boy« will be a big success because these masterfully drawn stories are stunningly sexy and randy adventures of Bike Boy who's out to experience all sex that's out there to have - some of the comics are completely new and yet unreleased.
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