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Maurice Sendak: In the Night Kitchen

Maurice Sendak: In the Night Kitchen

USA 1970, 40 S., Bilderbuch in englischer Sprache, geb., € 9.95
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A young boy named Mickey sleeps in his bed when he is disturbed by noise on a lower floor. Suddenly, he begins to float, and all of his clothes disappear as he drifts into a surreal world called the »Night Kitchen«. He falls naked into a giant mixing pot that contains the batter for the morning cake. While Mickey is buried in the mass, three identical bakers mix the batter and prepare it for baking, while remaining unaware (or unconcerned) that there is a boy inside. Halfway through the baking process, the boy emerges from the oven, protesting that he is not the batter's milk. To make up for the baking ingredient deficiency, Mickey (now wearing a bodysuit of batter from the neck down) constructs an airplane out of bread dough so he can fly to the mouth of a gigantic milk bottle. Upon reaching the bottle's opening, he dives in and briefly revels in the liquid. As his covering of batter disintegrates, he pours the needed milk in a cascade down to the bakers who joyfully finish making the morning cake. Naked again, and with the dawn breaking, Mickey crows like a rooster and slides down the bottle to magically return to his bed. Everything is back to normal, beyond the happy memory of his experience.
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