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Christopher Reed: Art and Homosexuality

Christopher Reed: Art and Homosexuality

A History of Ideas. UK 2011, 285 pp., with numerous b/w and colour illustrations, hardbound, € 69.95
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Oxford University Press
This globe-spanning survey explores the radical, long-standing interdependence between art and homosexuality. It draws examples from the full range of the Western tradition, including classical, Renaissance, and contemporary art, with special focus on the modern era. It was in the modern period, when arguments about homosexuality and the avant-garde were especially public, that our current conception of the artist and the homosexual began to take shape, and almost as quickly to overlap. Not a chronology of gay and lesbian artists, the book accounts of the ways two conspicuous identities have fundamentally informed one another. It discusses many of modernism's canonical figures like Picasso, Walt Whitman or Gertrude Stein and issues, such as the rise of abstraction, the avant-garde's relationship to its patrons, and the political exploitation of art.
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