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Mioki: Still Side by Side

Mioki: Still Side by Side

A Diary of Making It Big in the City. D 2011, 120 pp., colour, hardbound,  19.48
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Bruno Gmünder
In Volume One of Mioki's »Side by Side« the comic artist took us on a journey into the life of Evan and Rick. Best friends since they had been kids, they were seen stumbling right into a hot affair which ended happily with big love. Meanwhile, these cute gay hunks live together in the city. The fact that both of them have sex with other men from time to time - whether alone or together - doesn't harm their relationship. On the contrary, it heats up their passion for each other. »Still Side by Side« offers hot sex again at every turn, as well as a good dose of sugar for the romantically inclined. Love can be so beautiful. (Still available »Side by Side« 120 pp., colour, for € 18.45)
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