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Hazel Rowley: Franklin and Eleanor

Hazel Rowley: Franklin and Eleanor

USA 2011, 345 pp. illustr., brochure, € 13.20
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Franklin Delano and Eleanor Roosevelt's marriage is one of the most scrutinized partnerships in presidential history. It raised eyebrows in their lifetimes and has only become more controversial since their deaths. From FDR's lifelong romance with Lucy Mercer to Eleanor's purported lesbianism - and many scandals in between - the American public has never tired of speculating about the ties that bound these two headstrong individuals. Some claim that Eleanor sacrificed her personal happiness to accommodate FDR's needs. Others claim that the marriage was nothing more than a gracious facade for political convenience. Author Hazel Rowley reveals a partnership that was both supportive and daring. Most of all, she depicts an evolution - from conventional Victorian marriage to a bold and radical partnership.
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