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Laurent Achard (R): The Last of the Crazy People

Laurent Achard (R): The Last of the Crazy People

Le dernier des fous. F 2007, frz.OF, engl.UT, 95 min.,  19.99
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Martin is not like other children. Neglected by his parents, he watches the extraordinary events that occur in and around the family home from a distance. His mother is crazy, his father is absent nearly all the time, and his much older, gay brother suffers from depressive moods. When Martin's brother Didier discovers that his lover will marry a local woman, all hell breaks loose and the family disintegrates, with terrifying results. Martin decides to take matters into his own hands. Actually, Martin wanted a family. But instead he got himself a gun. The story, the situations, the style is a reminder of French naturalism, though the naturalist way is disturbed by a fantastic tone. Based on the harrowing novel by controversial writer, Timothy Findley.