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Hans Fritschi: Wanderlust in Gay Asia

Hans Fritschi: Wanderlust in Gay Asia

Exotic Encounters and Erotic Escapades. UK/USA 2011, 256 pp., brochure, € 15.95
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Celebrated gay blogger Hans Fritschi from Switzerland has travelled extensively around Asia and his site is one of the leading online gay guides. He has travelled across Asia from his home outside Pattaya to explore the region's gay scene and now shares with readers his experiences of gay life in Asia. Through the eyes of his flamboyant alter ego Suzy Size who is also based in Thailand, Hans describes the exotic encounters and erotic escapades of the modern gay traveller in Asia. Suzy Size chases after money boys and is »herself« chased by sex-hungry young men who go after older Western men. Or is it just their money? Suzy has many strange, absurd and hilarious encounters all over Asia. The book - while not a gay guide - covers everything from pubs and nightlife to getting »picked up«.
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