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C. Jay Cox (R): Latter Days

C. Jay Cox (R): Latter Days

USA 2003, OF, dt.SF, dt.UT, 104 min, € 12.99
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What starts out to be (and could have been) a perfect comedy does a U-turn towards tragedy midway. »Latter Days« is a very intriguing, witty and touching film through­out. It takes you on an emotional rollercoaster during the entire film. No wonder that it was a great festival and theatrical hit in the US (with the exception of Utah where it was banned from theatres, sight unseen, due to boycott calls from Mormons and other Christian fundamentalist groups). Christian is a 20-something, hunky, shallow, oversexed, gay waiter/party boy from West Hollywood who is blessed with modelesque good looks, and the effortless ability to pick up and take home any man he wants. Christian seems only to be looking forward to bedding a new guy every night. One day, a group of clean-cut young men move into the apartment next door, and Christian rubs his hands with the possibilities. But he discovers that these young men are Mormon missionaries. On a bet he makes with his friends that he can bag one »missionary boy«, Christian sets his sights on one of his new neighbours, 19-year old, strait-laced (and seemingly straight) Aaron. Christian quickly moves in for the kill, stirring up Aaron's repressed homo-feelings with his endless parade of sexual conquests and his tight workout shorts. Aaron and Christian are quickly attracted to one other and begin to struggle with their emotions, sexual needs and the painful limitations of their respective lifestyles. Their initial encounters have a charged sexual tension, but fear of the devil keeps Aaron's libido at bay. When Christian exposes Aaron's secret sexual desire, Aaron rejects Christian for being shallow and empty. This is enough for Christian to be knocked out of his party boy groove for once, and he seeks ways to become respectable in the eyes of Aaron. Secretly, Aaron and Christian begin a friendship that turns, much to their surprise, into an affair. When the two find themselves alone together they start to kiss passionately just before they are being interrupted by Aaron's missionary roommates who spot their brother as a »homo« and have him send back in shame to his Idaho hometown and embarrassed parents. Now Aaron comes to a point of life with everything to lose, and for that matter, a new life to gain. His struggle with coming out to his church, and risk of being excommunicated because of it, starts the true drama which seems to end in suicide. Christian, for his part, finds Aaron impossible to forget and remembers that one night they have spent in a hotel room at the airport where they made love to each other for the last time. After that night Aaron has disappeared (returned to his church and family in order to take a stand). But the feeling of loss weighs heavily on Christian's shoulders. So he tries to get in touch with Aaron again, but Aaron's mother gives Christian the impression that he isn't wanted at all and - later - that Aaron has committed suicide. Now, Christian falls into a very serious depression that seems so untypical for the hot swinging gay boy he was. With the help of friends - especially that of his manager - he tries to cope with the feelings of utter desperation. Will the two lovers be reunited? It's a grand gay screen romance with large-scale emotions that definitely belongs in everyone's DVD collection. Wes Ramsay (Christian) and Steve Sandvoss (Aaron) are without question one of the most charming gay pairings in recent memory, a pair of flawed but ultimately loveable losers. Gay independent cinema doesn't get acting of this quality very often, and it is a sublime treat to watch these talented performers elevate their good material to unexpected heights. (Jürgen empfiehlt, Frühlings Katalog 2005)
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