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Mary Renault: The Persian Boy

Mary Renault: The Persian Boy

USA 2002, 420 pp., brochure, € 19.95
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Unfortunately this historical novel trilogy about the life of Alexander the Great isn't availbale right now in German. It can be compared to Peyrefitte's trilogy not only by length but also by quality although Mary Renault applied a much more modern style to her account of the Macedonian king. She emphasized psychological insights into the main characters. Like Peyrefitte, Mary Renault also explicitly gave Alexander's homosexuality its right. The first part concentrates on the formation of Alexander's friendships to the sons of his father's courtiers, especially to his lifelong friend and lover Hephaistion. The second part of the trilogy tells the story of Alexander from Bagoas' perspective - the eunuch who became Alexander's lover after Alexander had defeated the Persian king. Mary Renault's novels are much easier to read than Peyrefitte's because they don't emphasize so much on the setting and on details. (Jürgen empfiehlt, Winter Katalog 2004, Titel nicht mehr lieferbar)

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