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Lisa Diamond, Candace Walsh, Laura André (eds.): Dear John, I Love Jane

Lisa Diamond, Candace Walsh, Laura André (eds.): Dear John, I Love Jane

Women Write About Leaving Men for Women. USA 2010, 269 pp., brochure,  14.95
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There are plenty of coming-out stories on the market, important but familiar tales of women who knew from childhood that they were »different« and the ways in which they forged their own paths in a heterosexual world. The women in this anthology come from a different angle entirely. After decades of heterosexuality - frequently perfectly fulfilling - they meet a woman who turns their world upside down. Initially shocked (»Am I gay? Or is it just her?«) they experience a shift in identity that is as welcome as it is unexpected. Some of their husbands and boyfriends are supportive. Others are not. Some of the women are still with the woman who prompted the change. Some are with another, or in an open marriage with men, or still exploring their identities. All speak of occupying a strange place on the spectrum of sexuality.
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