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Stephan Niederwieser: Bend Over!

Stephan Niederwieser: Bend Over!

The Complete Guide to Anal Sex. D 2011, 187 pp. with b/w photographs, brochure,  14.95
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Bruno Gmünder - BG Sexguides
»Bend over!« - two words that can provoke a lot of anxieties. Will it hurt? Will I be able to relax? Will I enjoy it? Do I have judgments about myself for being a bottom? What's the risk of infection? And tops are also hardly free of anxiety: is my cock staying hard? Am I big enough? Do I fuck well? Is this a good position? And, again, what's the risk of infection? This guide tackles these and other questions head on. Useful for both the beginner and the seasoned practitioner, it is a comprehensive, user-friendly guide to the unique pleasures of anal sex. Everything is covered, from basic anatomy and solo sex to technique, positions, sex toys, lube, SM and much more - with a sharp focus on the dynamics behind gay male sex as well. Don't forget the bottom line in anal sex is fun.
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