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Christopher Munch (R): The Hours and Times

Christopher Munch (R): The Hours and Times

Uk 1991, OF, 55 min., € 9.99
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Although a fictionalized account of an actual trip John Lennon and gay Brian Epstein took to Barcelona in 1963, the film uses this short respite in the gathering storm of Beatlemania to convincingly portray Epstein and Lennon's strong, unwavering friendship. Suggesting that Epstein - the Beatles' brilliant but troubled middle-class manager - is a man hopelessly besotted by Lennon, a working-class lad six years his junior, this is a hugely resonant piece of independent cinema. Shot in Spain and England - with its black & white cinematography starkly evoking the early 1960s - this is an audacious film debut from Christopher Munch that closely examines the meaning of friendship in a narrative of intense dialogue between Epstein and Lennon.
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