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Anna Clark (ed.): The History of Sexuality in Europe

Anna Clark (ed.): The History of Sexuality in Europe

A Sourcebook and Reader. UK/USA/CAN 2011, 358pp., brochure, € 89.95
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In its introduction, »The Magnetic Poetry Kit of Sex«, the book surveys the field of sexuality and introduces the new concept of sexual grammar. The Reader focuses on the modern age, but has three chapters on the ancient and medieval worlds to demonstrate their very different cultures of sexuality. Altogether the book addresses questions such as: Why did ancient Greek philosophers and medieval Islamic poets celebrate men's desire for each other? Was Jesus a queer eunuch? Were Victorians really repressed? How did nonwestern cultures change some Europeans' ideas about sex? Does regulating prostitution protect or punish women who sell sex? How did sexologists learn from feminists, and men and women who desired those of the same sex? Were 1960s feminists pro- or anti-sex?
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