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Tony Scherman, David Dalton: Andy Warhol

Tony Scherman, David Dalton: Andy Warhol

His Controversial Life, Art and Colourful Times. USA 2010, 441pp. with numerous b/w photographs, hardbound, € 29.80
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To his critics he was the cynical magus of a movement that debased high art and reduced it to a commodity. To his admirers, he was the most important artist since Picasso. Indisputably, Andy Warhol defined what art could be. As the quintessential Pop artist, he destroyed the barrier between high and low culture, taking as his subject matter comic books, tabloids, Hollywood publicity photos and supermarket products. Through his films and the exotic milieu of the Factory, he exhibited an unprecedented talent for publicity and outrage, revealing an underworld of speed freaks, transvestites and glittering, doomed superstars. Beneath the deceptively simple surface of his silk screens, the old hierarchies of art collapsed. Warhol's x-ray vision exposed the garish, vulgar and irrepressible new world of the 1960s.
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