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James Buchanan: All or Nothing

James Buchanan: All or Nothing

USA 2010, 340 pp., brochure,  13.29
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In the third book of the »Taking the Odds« series, the author delves deeper in the relationship between Nevada agent Nick O'Malley and Riverside detective Brandon Carr. Brandon brings his daughter, Shayna, to Las Vegas to meet Nick. Nick has his own reasons for pushing Brandon toward a deeper commitment. But when the unthinkable happens, what every cop knows ends in tragedy, can Brandon hold it together long enough to solve the crime? As Brandon spirals into the hell of being a cop and a distraught parent will his love of Nick, and Nick's love for him, be enough to see them through? It's all or nothing - and they can't afford to lose. The previous books out of this series »Cheating Chance« and »Inland Empire« are available for € 12,99 each.
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