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Susan X. Meagher: The Legacy

Susan X. Meagher: The Legacy

USA 2009, 277 pp., brochure, € 14.49
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Inheriting a B&B in a great resort town should fill Noel Carpenter with joy. But she wants to sell quickly and forget the circumstances that brought the gift to her life. After she makes a few exploratory trips down to the house, she's convinced that she'd get a much better price after making some repairs. Enter Toni, handywoman extraordinaire and noted lady killer. As Noel gets more involved in repairing the house, she finds she's more interested in the renovator than the renovations. Toni is just the kind of woman who gets her motor running. But there are so many complications: they live in different states, Toni's in no hurry to settle down, and Noel's still stinging from her recent breakup. But when she and Toni are alone, they can't keep their hands off each other.
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