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Kimberly Gardner: Bound to Please

Kimberly Gardner: Bound to Please

USA 2010, 322pp., brochure, € 13.69
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Brought together for pleasure, bound together by love - Jason doesn't do monogamy and as a popular Dom he doesn't have to. He has his choice of male playmates any night of the week. Someone else every night if it pleases him. So when he gets a chance to play with Benny, his sweet young assistant, the game is on. Benny is no sub but he tells himself that a chance to serve the sexy Dom is all he actually needs. But then the rules are about to change. Enter Rain, a sexy bad boy who's got a taste for the lash and pretty young things, like Benny. What's a man to do when the two men he lusts after are determined that even a hook-up is not in the cards? Why, orchestrate one single night of pleasure, of course. But when the whip comes down, and one night isn't enough, it's love, not leather, that's bound to please.
Schwul > Erotica
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