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Ben Tyler: Tricks of the Trade

Ben Tyler: Tricks of the Trade

USA 2002, 275 pp., brochure,  11.59
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Being gay in Hollywood is never easy, but thanks to his homophobic female boss, Bart Cain's life is a living hell. The disgruntled staff writer would like nothing better than to retire to a picturesque Scottish village – preferably with a hot literary career and a hotter houseboy at his beck and call. But first, he has an axe to grind with Shari Draper, Sterling Studios, and the industry in general. If Bart's going down – and not in the way he usually prefers – then he's hell-bent on taking the whole damned town with him. Bart isn't the only would-be writer in town – and concocting screenplays isn't Rodrigo Dominguez's only talent. The lusty Latino hustler is the epitome of Bart's wildest fantasies – and with any luck, Bart might just be able to help him realize one of his. Rod's convinced that his big break is finally on the horizon, courtesy of Bart's studio connections – and a fateful introduction to Jim Fallon. One moment, the all-American actor was on top of the world playing prime time's foremost, squeaky-clean macho sitcom dad. The next, Jim's homemade sadomasochistic porn videotape is leaked to tabloid television, outing his appetite for virile young guys. Jim might have hit rock bottom in unforgiving La La Land, but he isn't the only closeted icon who's seen and done it all. Now, in a drunken, sexual stupor, he's about to tell it all – with a little help from Bart and Rod.
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