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Paul Jackson: One of the Boys

Paul Jackson: One of the Boys

Homosexuality in the Military during World War II. CAN/UK/USA 2010, 338 pp., brochure, € 67.99
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Homosexuality and military service have made strange bedfellows over the last century. Military leaders have generally seen homosexuals as unmanly, immoral, and - according to the U.S. military - a threat to unit cohesion, a claim that continues to prop up the controversial »don't ask, don't tell« policy. Struggles for equal rights have not been limited to the USA: during WWII, the Canadian military was acutely concerned about homosexuality and, as the war progressed, senior military brass became increasingly determined to rid the services of those engaged in »disgraceful conduct of an indecent kind«. Even though homosexual men were often accepted and popular within their units, accusations of homosexual behaviour led to psychiatric assessments, courts-martial proceedings, prison terms, and dishonourable discharges.
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