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Desmond Morris: The Naked Man

Desmond Morris: The Naked Man

A Study of the Male Body. UK 2009, 280 pp., brochure,  17.95
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After »The Naked Woman«, the author investigates an evolutionary success story - not without raising some dispute about this book. The masculine body is studied from head to toe - examining biological features of the male anatomy in illuminating detail and describing the many ways in which these features have been modified, suppressed, or exaggerated by local customs and changes in social fashions. This natural history of man, viewing him as a specimen of an endangered species, is written from a zoologist's perspective and packed full of scientific fact, including a controversial chapter examining male sexuality. Do you need an example? »Monks, priests, eunuchs, bachelors, other celibates and homosexuals are all useful non-contributors to the population explosion.«