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Dale Peck: Sprout

Dale Peck: Sprout

UK/D/USA 2009, 277 pp., Pb,  9.95
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A move from Long Island to the midst of rural Kansas following the death of his mother uproots Sprout Bradford. He's sure he'll find no friends, no love, no beauty there. And, he's got a secret. It's not what you might think - he'll tell you he's gay. He'll tell you about his dad's drinking problems and that he dyes his hair. But then friends find him, the strangeness of the landscape fascinates him and, when love shows up in an unexpected place, Sprout realises that Kansas is not quite as empty as he thought. Subverting stereotypes and packed with gritty humour, this new book of the author of »Fucking Martin/ Martin & John« is an inspirational, literary coming-of-age story about a boy who knows he is gay in a town that seems to have no place for him to hide.
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