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Joan Schenkar: The Talented Miss Highsmith

Joan Schenkar: The Talented Miss Highsmith

The Secret Life and Serious Art of Patricia Highsmith. USA 2011, 656 pp., pb., € 29.95
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Patricia Highsmith, one of the greatest writers of 20th century American fiction, had a life as darkly compelling as that of her favorite »hero-criminal«, talented Tom Ripley. In this revolutionary biography of the author of »Strangers on a Train«, the biographer paints a riveting protrait - from Highsmith's birth in Texas to Hitchcock's filming of her first novel, »Strangers on a Train«, to her long, strange, self-exile in Europe. We see her as a secret writer for the comics, a brilliant creator of disturbing fictions, and erotic predator with dozens of women (and a few good men) on her love list. Pessimistic, alcoholic and chronically unhappy, Highsmith created some of the most chilling tales of psychological suspense and betrayal.
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