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Joe R. Lansdale: The Two-Bear Mambo

Joe R. Lansdale: The Two-Bear Mambo

A Hap and Leonard Novel (III). USA 2009, 273 pp., brochure, € 12.99
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Veteran Lansdale brings back his incomparable Texas team of Hap Collins and Leonard Pine for an encore that's just as funny and violent and gripping as their first appearance. Police Lt. Marve Hanson agrees to forget the duo's role in the Christmas Eve torching of a crack house if they go to the small East-Texas town of Grovetown to find his girlfriend, Florida Grange, a lawyer who was investigating the jailhouse death of a black man who possessed some priceless merchandise. The Klan is alive and well in Grovestown and Hap, who is white, and Leonard, who is black and gay and habitually introduces himself as »The Smartest Nigger in the World«, don't endear themselves to the locals. But they do track Florida to a dilapidated trailer park, where her trail ends. With murder on their minds, Hap and Leonard set out to investigate.
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