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Cecilia Tan (ed.): Women of the Bite

Cecilia Tan (ed.): Women of the Bite

Lesbian Vampire Erotica. USA 2009, 262 pp., brochure, € 13.95
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This new collection of lesbian vampire sex stories captures the timeless allure of lesbian vampires who seduce their way through these 15 stories, including contributions from Jewelle Gomez, Kierstin Cherry, Sacchi Green, and many other dark, erotic voices. These stories of eternal love, dark avenging angels, and the eroticism of blood lust explore the female vampire and her sisters from all angles. We get a glimpse of many different ways and milieus in which women love women, from modern leatherdyke subculture to period-piece cross-dressing, as well as fantastical scenarios that we can only dream of, like what happens in a »mixed marriage« between a female vampire and a female werewolf, or what if the great silent film actress Theda Bara had encountered real vampires?
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