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C. Todd White: Pre-Gay L.A.

C. Todd White: Pre-Gay L.A.

A Social History of the Movement for Homosexual Rights. USA 2009, 260 pp., brochure, € 32.95
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This book explores the origins and history of the modern American movement of homosexual rights, which originated in Los Angeles in the late 1940s and continues today. Part ethnography and part social history, it is a detailed account of the history of the movement as manifested through the emergence of four related organizations: Mattachine, ONE Incorporated, the Homosexual Information Center (HIC), and the Institute for the Study of Human Resources (ISHR), which began doing business as ONE Incorporated when the two organizations merged in 1995. Relying on extended interviews with participants as well as a full review of the archives of the Homosexual Information Center the author unearths the institutional histories of the gay and lesbian rights movement and the myriad personalities involved.
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