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Aidan Chambers: The Toll Bridge

Aidan Chambers: The Toll Bridge

USA 2009, 273 pp., brochure,  9.99
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To escape the pressures of suffocating parents and a possessive girlfriend, 17-year-old Piers has finished school but has no intention of going on to the university. He wants to find himself, and to this end he finds a job in the middle of nowhere, taking tolls from cars at a lonesome bridge. He lives alone in a cottage near the bridge, where he has plenty of time to think. There he befriends Adam, a charismatic wayfarer who shows up one day and refuses to leave. He also befriends a girl named Tess, and soon he and Tess find themselves strangely attracted to Adam and falling under his spell. The three test their sexuality and the bonds of their friendship as they discover who they are - and aren't - in a harrowing course of events that leaves all three wondering if you can ever really know anyone.
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