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David L. Chapman, Brett J. Grubisic: American Hunks

David L. Chapman, Brett J. Grubisic: American Hunks

The Muscular Male Body in Popular Culture 1860 - 1970. USA 2009, 351pp., brochure,  29.99
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The »American hunk« is a cultural icon: the image of the chiseled, well-built male body has been promoted and exploited for commercial use for over 125 years, whether in movies, magazines, advertisements, or on consumer products, not only in America but throughout the world. This book depicts the muscular American male as documented in popular culture from 1860 to 1970. It is divided into specific historic eras and includes such personalities as bodybuilder Charles Atlas, pioneer weightlifter Eugen Sandow, and movie stars like Steve »Hercules« Reeves and Johnny »Tarzan« Weissmuller, and publications such as the 1920s-era magazine Physical Culture and the 1950s-era comic book Mr. Muscles. It also touches on the use of masculine, homoerotic imagery to sell political and military might, and how companies have used buff, near-naked men to sell products.
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