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Christopher Bram: Mapping the Territory

Christopher Bram: Mapping the Territory

Selected Nonfiction. USA 2009, 258 pp., hardbound,  21.69
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Novelist Christopher Bram has been writing essays for 30 years. His first collection of nonfiction, including previously unpublished pieces, ranges through such topics as the power of gay fiction, coming out in the 1970s in Virginia, low-budget filmmaking with friends in New York, and the sexual imagination of Henry James. He describes the heady experience of seeing his novel »Gods and Monsters« made into an Oscar-winning movie starring Ian McKellen, Brendan Fraser, and Lynn Redgrave, he discusses why he and his partner of three decades don't want to get married. Bram looks both into and out of himself in these essays. He revisits the titles he read while finding himself as a gay man, but also shows us Greenwich Village as seen from his front stoop. It's also an autobiography of ideas from a novelist.