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Laurence Maslon: The Some Like It Hot Companion

Laurence Maslon: The Some Like It Hot Companion

USA 2009, 192 pp., hardbound,  31.30
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»Some like It Hot« remains an undisputed classic 50 years after its release, as it continues to capture three of American culture's great preoccupations - jazz, gangsters, and Marilyn Monroe. The book details the history of this side-splitting farce from its roots as an obscure 1951 German film to its Hollywood conception, where Billy Wilder transposed the material to the Roaring Twenties and cast the brilliant Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, and Jack Lemmon in the starring roles. As well as previously unpublished images, posters, and documents from the MGM archives, this book includes selections from the screenplay, casting notes, on-set production anecdotes, and location shots from the fabled Del Coronado in San Diego (doubling for Florida) - it's the ongoing legacy of the most famous drag comedy in film history.
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