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Marcy Carsey (P): Cybill - The Complete Second Series

Marcy Carsey (P): Cybill - The Complete Second Series

USA 1996, OF, 524 min., € 34.99
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Cybill Sheperd stars as Cybill Sheridan, a woman who has it all: two spiteful daughters (Dedee Pfeiffer and Alicia Witt), two clingy ex-husbands (Alan Rosenberg and Tom Wopat), an outrageous best friend (Christine Baranski), an unstable future and a house on an eroding Los Angeles hillside. She is a working actress in her forties, striving to find meaningful roles and maintain a living in an industry that worships youth. But with humour and determination, Cybill braves each new challenge that comes her way, while having the time of her life discovering that life after forty is anything but downhill. This six DVD box set contains all 24 episodes from series two and features special guest appearances by Dick van Patten, Peter Krause, Tracy Scoggins, Brian Keith, Wendy Malick, Chad Everett and Morgan Fairchild plus many more.
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