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Mark J. Blechner: Sex Changes

Mark J. Blechner: Sex Changes

Transformations in Society and Psychoanalysis. USA/UK 2009, 214 pp., brochure,  34.79
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Taylor and Francis
The last 50 years have seen enormous changes in society's attitudes toward sexuality. In the 1950s, homosexuals in the U.S. were routinely arrested. Today, homosexual activity between consenting adults is legal all over the U.S., with same-sex marriage legal in Massachusetts and Connecticut. In the 1950s, ambitious women were often seen as psychopathological and were told by psychoanalysts that they had penis envy that needed treatment. Today, a woman has campaigned for President of the United States. Gender identity, once seen as fixed into two categories, male and female, is now understood to have many more variations. These changes are being reflected in Blechner's essays of the last half-century: they aim at a radical shift in psychoanalytic thinking about sexuality, gender, normalcy, prejudice, and the relationship of therapeutic aims and values.
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