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Glyn Davis, Gary Needham: Queer TV

Glyn Davis, Gary Needham: Queer TV

Theories, Histories, Politics. UK/USA/CAN 2009, 190 pp., brochure,  34.99
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Taylor and Francis
How can we queerly theorise and understand television? How can the realms of television studies and queer theory be brought together, in a manner beneficial and productive for both? An introductory chapter by the editors charts the key debates and issues addressed within the book: »theories and approaches«, »histories and genres«, and »television itself«. Individual essays examine the relationships between queers, queerness, and TV across the multiple sites of production, consumption, reception, interpretation and theorisation, as well as the textual and aesthetic dimensions of television and the televisual. The book crucially moves beyond lesbian and gay textual analyses of specific TV shows that have often focussed on evaluations of positive/negative representations and identities.
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