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Arnon Grunberg: The Jewish Messiah

Arnon Grunberg: The Jewish Messiah

UK 2009, 471 pp., brochure,  15.95
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What is it to the 16-year-old Swiss youth Xavier Radek that his grandfather served in the SS? There don't seem to be many great causes in Basel, at least within reach of a restless, socially nervous, and - let's admit it - not notably gifted young man. Until, that is, Xavier meets some members of the Basel Jewish youth group and comes to know a boy named Awromele, son of a local rabbi. This group of people, which has suffered so much, needs his help, and he won't stint at giving it to them. So it is that young Xavier decides to convert to Judaism and to begin his long journey to influence and, in the end, to infamy. With him at every step is the rabbi's son Awromele, first as his guide, then as his lover, and finally as his devoted right-hand man. Although Awromele arguably bears some responsibility for the botched circumcision that costs Xavier his left testicle, and while his decision to coax Xavier into collaborating on the first translation of »Mein Kampf« into Yiddish is of questionable taste, and his sexual promiscuity can often be hurtful, on the deeper issue of emotional fidelity Awromele sticks by Xavier's side through life's every turn.
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